P4 Job Search Portfolio Project

Whether you’re planning on getting a job in your field for the first time after graduation, or you’ve been in your field for several years, you may find yourself seeking a new job. The job search process can involve a lot of research and patience, and even some luck. But no matter what field you are in or what kind of job you’re after, you need to be able to present yourself professionally in documents such as letters and résumés, and in face-to-face communication situations. This project asks you to compose a few documents related to finding a job. You will need to find a real job listing which you will use as the basis for your project. Ideally, this job listing is one that you could legitimately apply for directly after graduation. All of the documents you write will be geared toward getting this job. Hopefully, once this project is done, you will have documents you can reuse or use as templates to generate professional job documents in the future.

Components of the Portfolio

Your job search portfolio will include the following:


Resources at: http://www.rhetoricandwriting.com/3213/resources.htm


Print all documents, organize them according to the order above, and place them in a paper pocket folder. Bring to our regular class room at 4pm on Monday, December 6th.

If you want to submit your documents electronically, you MUST scan all resume drafts/peer review sheets (fronts and backs) and include them with your project. Uploads must be by 4pm on Monday, Dec 6th.


P4 Interview Questions

As part of your job portfolio project, answer all six questions as if you were asked them as if they were asked during an interview for the job listing you have found. Of course, prepare your answers professionally (use tenants of good professional writing and information from the Locker textbook, plan your response, and proofread/edit). If you are asked a behavioral question, answer using the STAR method. If appropriate, show your knowledge of the company/organization in your response.

• What makes you think you’re qualified for this position at this company?

• Tell me about a time that you had a lot of work to do in a short time. How did you manage the situation?

• Describe a work or school situation where you had to interact with an irate person (customer, supervisor, group member) and describe how you handled it.

• What do you see yourself doing in 5 or 10 years?

• What is your greatest weakness?

• How has college prepared you for this career?



Job Search Portfolio Project Assessment Criteria

The Research Summary will be considered above average (A/B) if it

The Traditional Resume will be considered above average (A/B) if it

The Scannable/In Line Resume will be considered above average (A/B) if it

The Cover and Thank-You Letter will be considered above average (A/B) if they

The Interview Responses will be considered above average (A/B) if they

Overall, projects will be considered above average (A/B) if they

NOTE: A project will not be accepted if it is incomplete. Please be sure to follow all guidelines listed on this P4 Information Sheet. If any document submitted for Project 4 is found to be plagiarized, in whole or in part, you will receive a 0% F for the project. At the instructor’s discretion, plagiarism can result in a 0% F for the semester grade and a permanent note on the student’s transcript. Repeated cases of plagiarism may result in expulsion from the university. Please refer to the University Honor Code in the University Catalogue for more information.