Bullying in schools. The audience would be teachers/professors/principals of a school. Also the students would be an audience because we are trying to make sure they aren't getting bullied but also that they can protect and help their friends out. Cost would be to provide classes/presentations to help promote people to stop bullying others. They could also put up posters and other types of advertisements.


Report Idea 2: Problem: Unreliable Online Testing at FAU. Audience: School administration, tech department, professors and other relevant faculty. Potential Audience: Students. Criteria: Improvement over current system, ease of use, reliable, idiot-proof.


At FAU, we have a problem of smoking designated areas. Students and faculties have a tendency to smoke in front of the buildings because the designated areas are generally located in the back of the buildings, and the signs that show the designated are often not visible. My recommendations to face this problem are: · First, the signs on the designated areas have to be placed in more visible areas. · Second, a plan must be put in place to force the smokers to smoke only in the designated areas. · Finally, the police and the traffic officers’ resources can be used to enforce the plan cited above. The audience will be all the smokers who come to the campus. The plan will also address all of the non-smokers, including students, faculties, and the general public. As I already mentioned it, we do not need additional resources to make and enforce the plan. We can ask the police and traffic officers to help us enforce the plan.


The Problem: Study Rooms in Library are very limited. Especially during exams and this problem has only increased since FAU has accepted more students than before (a greater number of students are attending FAU this year compared to last year). Audience / Potential Audience: Students, Faculty, University Criteria: the costs associated with providing additional clean study areas (furnished and equipped with computers and keeping equipment up to date).


Problem: Not enough parking spaces at Fau Audience: Fau Students Secondary Audience: Fau Staff Parameter: soltuions found based on the parking spaces available at Fau


1). Problem: my aunt ) is looking for extracurricular activities for her 5 year old daughter 2). Audience: my aunt and her daughter. 3).By finding the age appropriate activities, compare the benefits, and costs.