Below is the schedule for our class. Supplementary readings are linked. Reading and assignments in the "due" boxes must be completed before class time on the days indicated.

This schedule will be updated frequently. You are advised against printing it out and you are encouraged to check it often.

Aug 23


In Class: introductions, syllabus, writing sample
Wednesday Aug 25

Due: review the syllabus, Emerging "Introduction," Listen to "Words" - an episode of the podcast "Radiolab." You can stream over the web OR download the mp3 file for your iPod. (it's about 60 minutes), response 1

In Class: discuss responses; careful/critical reading; the writing process (ppt)

Aug 30


Due: review the syllabus, reading 1 (Alvarez, "Selections from Once Upon a Quinceañera"), response 2 In Class: discuss reading 1, discuss assignment prompt for paper 1, the writing process, approaching argument, error log
Sept 1
Due: Prewriting (3 printed copies, be prepared to share your responses)

In Class: pre-draft workshop, pre-draft questions, error log requirement

Dr. Mason's Mess: Where do we go from here?

Sept 6
Due: Labor Day, no class In Class:
Sept 8

Due: 1 printed copy of thesis and "essay map"

  1. Remember that your thesis statement should use Alvarez's ideas to make an argument -- your thesis should not make an argument about Alvarez. Be sure to review the assignment prompt.
  2. Your thesis should be make an argument; it should be interesting and/or insightful -- it should not be a report.
  3. Your essay should ultimately balance smaller details and evidence and larger generalations.

In Class: discussion of revised thesis statements,


Sept 13

Due: Review the following:

Due: rough draft 1 - print and bring 2 copies to class, upload an electronic copy to Blackboard > UPLOAD > Rough Draft 1

In Class: three types of revision; peer review; workshop; error log
Sept 15
Due: polished draft 1 > Blackboard > Upload > Polished Draft 1 In Class: sample work
Sept 20
Class Canceled. Appiah and the response are now due on Wednesday, 9/22.
Sept 22
Due: read Appiah "Making Conversation" and "The Primacy of Practice," response 2 In Class: sample work; discuss reading 2, discuss paper prompt 2
Sept 27
Due: Write three possible arguments that respond to paper prompt 2, each with a few sentences about possible directions for a paper written with that argument. (print and bring to class) My in class example of an argument was "High school U.S. history classes should be replaced with world history courses."

In Class: paper 1 general notes; discuss reading 1 & 2, possible arguments (messy notes); pre-draft workshop

(drafts submitted for instructor comments will be returned today)

Sept 29
Due: Paper 2 "Sketch", print and upload In Class: discuss paper 2, formula example, formula practice
Oct 4

Due: Paper 1 > Blackboard > Upload > Paper 1 (don't forget your error log)

Due: Formula worksheet, print and upload

In Class: discussion of sample work

Oct 6
Due: Paper 2 Draft - Introduction and First Point (and second point?), print 1 copy and upload a copy In Class: sample work; discussion of revision project
Oct 11
Due: In Class: discussion of sample work, introductions (class visual and extended notes), introduction activity
Oct 13
Due: Savan, "What's Black and White and Said All Over." Savan Response In Class: discuss Savan
FRIDAY by 5pm, last day to withdraw
Oct 18

Due: Final draft Paper 2 with error log, upload only

In Class: discuss Savan, discuss paper 3 prompt
Oct 20
Due: If you are not confident about your score on Monday's quiz, then you may complete this worksheet. If you don't then your quiz grade will stand. In Class: discuss readings 1, 2, and 3 (issues?), pre-draft workshop,
Oct 25
Due: pre-draft worksheet (upload by 10 am) In Class: Class Cancelled - we are not meeting for class today. However, you must upload your predraft worksheet by 10am today, Monday.
Oct 27
Due: In Class: thesis statements; grammar; grammar worksheet; workshop;
Nov 1
Due: grammar worksheet (not graded); introduction & 1st point (upload and print) In Class: grammar worksheet (key); peer review; discussion of paper 4 ideas
Nov 3
Due: contribute your idea(s) here; In Class: discuss paper 4; sample work;
Optional Draft Due for Comments by 5pm  
Nov 8

Due: reading due:

(for both readings, after the chapter description, scroll down to download the whole essay--you must read both essays)

In Class: revision/portfolio; paper #4 guidelines








Nov 10
Due: prewriting assignment (ethos, pathos, logos notes here) In Class: go over advertisements & appeals; discuss prewriting & topic selection
Nov 12

Upload final draft of paper 3 for grading on Blackboard > Upload by 2pm.

Citation/Documentation errors will result in an automatic 10% deduction. Missing Error Log will result in an automatic 10% deduction.

Nov 15
Due: Prewriting #2 In Class: discuss sample work, peer review
Nov 17
Due: OPTIONAL paper 4 outline OR paper 4 intro and first point, google doc for feedback In Class: sample work; discuss portfolio requirement
Nov 22
Due: In Class: drafts returned (?), workshop
Nov 24

Class Canceled - Happy Thanksgiving!

Although we aren't meeting for class, I will be on campus in my office, SO 121 from a proximately 10 AM to 5 PM. Please feel free to drop by if you have any questions, one help with the paper, or would like feedback on your projects.

Nov 29

Due: If you want comments on your final draft of paper 4, submit to BB by class time today.

In Class: revision/portfolio workshop

Dec 1

Due: Last date to turn in your final draft of paper 4 by class time today. Upload to BB In Class: revision/portfolio workshop
Dec 3
1:15 - 3:45pm, final exam period; portfolio due (you must turn in paper copies of Parts 1, 2, and 3) If you need extra time on Part 4--the revision--you may turn it in on Monday the 6th.  
Monday, Dec 6
If you haven't already turned it in, you must upload Part 4 of your portfolio by 2pm today.